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We are Trusted Puronics Authorized Dealers in El Paso: Offering Comprehensive Installation, Repair, and Maintenance on All Make and Model Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis systems

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Water Softener Service and Maintenance

We are Puronics authorized and TCEQ certified water softener dealers in El Paso, Texas - helping people fix broken softeners and RO's.

We have been helping people in the El Paso metropolitan area fix and maintain all water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking systems, and water heaters since 2015. We are TCEQ certified to work on your water softener and ready to help you with all your water needs.

Our prices are the best you can find in the El Paso Metropolitan area.

Our prices on Puronics whole home water softeners are the best you can find in the El Paso metropolitan area because we don’t focus on sales. Instead, we focus on helping people fix and maintain not just Puronics but all water softeners and reverse osmosis drinking systems.
Garcia Water Care Team in El Paso - Expert Water Softener Installation and Service.

Top-rated water softener service in El Paso: Family Owned and Operated business.

We are Garcia Water Care, a family-owned business and Puronics authorized dealers from El Paso, Texas. Our installation and service teams service water softeners in the El Paso metro area (Horizon, Clint, Santa Teresa up to Las Cruces.

The best water softener, backed by the best warranty!

The Puronics water softeners we sell are made in the USA (Livermore, CA) and are certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – they are also backed by a 25-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty from Puronics.
Garcia Water Care is a Puronics-authorized dealership that provides maintenance and service for any water filtration system.

We are Garcia Water Care, and we care about our water!

Garcia Water Care is a Puronics-authorized dealership that provides maintenance and service for any water filtration system.

We are Garcia Water Care, and we care about our water!

Water Softener Repair Services

Book a service or call today to fix a broken water softener or reverse osmosis drinking system. We have been helping people in El Paso with their water care needs and earned an A+ rating for our work from the BBB.

Puronics Water Softeners are Made in the USA

Puronics water softeners are made in the usa

Manufactured in Livermore, California

Puronics Certified Water Softeners

WQA Seal Certified water filtration system seal
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Seal - Commitment to Eco-Friendly Water Softening in El Paso.
NSF Certified Water Softener Systems in El Paso - Quality Assurance Seal.

Puronics submits the claims about the efficiency of their water softeners to testing and certifications through independent testing from the Water Quality Association (WQA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

BUYER ALERT: Before purchasing a 'certified' water softener look for it on the 👉 WQA's website.

What Do People In El Paso Say About Us?

People in El Paso say that they love their water after meeting us; We work hard to make sure anyone who contacts us loves their water.

Check for yourself what people from Horizon, TX to Sunland Park, NM say we are the best water softener company in El Paso - you can see our reviews on the BBB, Google and Facebook see what people say.

Garcia Water Care El Paso water softeners

We are an El Paso Water Softener Company

We are committed to helping people in El Paso have the best water possible.

Our passion is to help people save time, energy, and money with their water softeners.

Garcia Water Care started when Joshua Garcia was greeted by a door-to-door salesperson that convinced him he needed a water softener. After asking some questions, it became clear that the person selling him the unit was only interested in the sale. Having been recently laid off and seeing the potential of improving the water in his home for his family, he found a water softener to work with. He began working in the industry with an established water softener company as an assistant. Soon after he, started Garcia Water Care in El Paso, TX, with the help of his friend David Negrete (web developer) and his father. The company started selling water softeners door-to-door but has since moved to sell softeners as a result of helping educate the public with videos on YouTube and web content. Garcia Water Care has a team that offers everything needed to keep your water softener working correctly.

We are the solution to hard water problems in El Paso.

El Paso hard water attracts many businesses from out of town that will sell water softeners and leave customers with no support after the sale. Many of these companies aggressively canvass neighborhoods going door to door knocking and selling their softeners, never looking back on what they left behind. We’ve helped many people in that boat–our knowledgeable staff can help you find a solution for your home’s needs!

Garcia water care use advanced water filters and softeners

What People Ask Us Most

If you purchased a water softener from us they are free, everyone else only $55 (limited time). 

All whole-home water softeners need to have the carbon media replaced eventually. Maintenance depends on the type of filtration media in the system. Our most popular model, the Hydronex, will need to be changed out every 117,000 gallons. Our new Hydronex Type C will need maintenance every 2-million gallons. The Puronics RO Drinking system included in our home treatment packages  need to have the  pre- and post-carbon filters changed out every 24-36 months, depending on your usage.

Installations can vary depending on the kind of work needed. Most certified plumbers will charge between $79-$99 an hour plus parts. Whole-home water softener can typically take about 4-6 hours to install, various factors can increase the time/price. We charge between $500-$800 for most installations and use only professional installers and master plumbers.

Our system will remove chlorine, volatile organic chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, and hundreds of other man-made chemicals that may come into contact with tap water. The RO removes 99% of all substances in your water and is certified by the Water Quality Association.

Yes, we include organic soap products from Pure ‘n Gentle Soap. When you buy a whole home system we include shampoo, body wash, hand wash, laundry detergent, dish washing soap, dishwasher detergent, and disinfectant cleaner. We offer the best in soaps so that our customers can maximize their experience with their new water and spoil their body with healthy and chemical free soap products.

Yes, we offer a variety of payment options through accredited financing organizations.  Payments can be split up anywhere from 3 months up to 10 years. Most financing options will leave monthly payments between $60-$100, depending on credit worthiness and the amount financed.

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