Water Softener Services

We help people fix their broken water softeners and RO's - and install new ones.
Let us help you fall in love with your water again.

Water Appliance and Filtration System Sales and Services

Garcia Water Care offers services in the El Paso Metro area. 

  • El Paso, Texas
  • Las Cruces, New Mexico

Water Softener Installations

Whether your house is pre-plumbed or you need us to run a drain, our installation team will ensure everything gets done the right way.

Tankless water heater flushes

Tankless water heaters should be flushed to prevent buildup from accumulating inside the unit. You can enjoy your tankless heater and keep it running correctly by performing this service on your unit following the manufacturer’s service guidelines.

Filter and Media Maintenance

We offer services on all makes and models of water softeners, so if you think it is time to replace the softening media or do a resin recharge because things aren’t feeling as “soft” anymore, contact us. We can help your water feel amazing again.

Water Softener Salt Delivery

You can finally say goodbye to lugging around heavy bags of water softener salt. With our monthly services, we’ll ensure everything’s running smoothly, and your system has what it needs to protect your home.
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1 year warranty

Tankless Water Heater and Whole-home Water Filtration System installations

We have been in the water softener business for over 5 years, and we are happy to back any installation that we do with a 1-year warranty on our labor and parts.

Water Softener Installations

Pre-Plumbed Installations

Save money on your water softener installation when your home is pre-plumbed. Be certain that it is done correctly by getting it done by us, and we are TCEQ certified water pros!

Conventional Installations

For those that need their water softeners installed, we have a team of specialists on hand to handle any installation. We have helped many people install them in many different spaces from sheds or buried underground and even inside restrooms!

Professional plumbing checks

Get an installation estimate on a ion exchange water softener with a plumbing check.

Water Filtration system Services

RO Filters Replacement

If you regularly use a reverse osmosis drinking system and notice that it tastes metallic or your water smells weird, then you probably need to replace your filters or reverse osmosis membrane. We have helped many people in El Paso with their reverse osmosis units when they stop working. We carry replacement parts for Puronics or standard reverse osmosis units.

Resin Super Flush

If your water softener is not working correctly, we might just need to flush all the build-up from your resin. Your resin can build up a plaque that we will wash off with our resin re-charge super flush service. This service is recommended after 100k to keep the resin surface free from buildup and working at its optimal performance capabilities for many years. So schedule a super flush today!

Carbon Replacement
If you have a carbon pre-filter and noticed that your water smells like chlorine in your water softener, or your Puronics system says it needs maintenance, then it is probably time for you to change your carbon system. We carry all standard carbons (Activated Carbon (GAC), KDF Carbons including both KDF55 and KDF 85, coconut carbons ), and proprietary Puronics carbon media (Chloroshield™ Clearess® filter media, SilverShield®, all Puronics media types).
Resin Replacement

Water softener resin has a limited lifespan. If your water softener residence has reached its lifespan it may be time for you to replace the softening resin. We carry all Puronics and conventional softening resins.

Get a broken RO or Softener Fixed

We are on call ready to fix all make and model water softeners and reverse osmosis drinking systems.

Water heater Services

Tankless water heater flush

We have helped many people that own tankless water heaters flush out the buildup in their units. Flushing your tankless heater should be done every couple of months, even if you own a water softener. We will flush away all the build-up out of your tankless water heater.

Conventional Water Heater Flush

Schedule a service call with us, and we will flush your conventional water heater for you. It is not hard to do, but we can help you with it, call us today.

Water Heater Flush Services

Flush calcium build from your water heater with our flush services - available for tankless and conventional water heaters.

Water Softener Salt Delivery

Water Softener Salt Delivery

Salt door drop & Water Test (200 lbs)

We will deliver 200 pounds of water softener salt to your doorstep and will test your water to make sure your water softener is working. 

Brine Tank Fill and Flush (200 lbs +)

This service includes a brine tank flush that removes dirt and sediment buildup. We will steam your water softener brine tank to get rid of all the build-up and residue. We will finish the service by filling your brine tank with 200 pounds of fresh clean salt.

Salt Delivery Services

Let us do the heavy lifting for you with our soft delivery services