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Service Agreement

Agreement for Services Performed

This agreement is between Garcia Water Care of El Paso LLC ("Garcia Water Care") and ("Customer") residing at on .

1. What We Did: Garcia Water Care did the work described in the attached description ("Services"). The Customer agrees that the work was done correctly and to their satisfaction.

2. How to Turn Off the System: Water Tech from Garcia Water Care showed the Customer how to turn the system off. From now on, the Customer is responsible for using and looking after the system and equipment.

3. Care After Service Completion: Once the services have been provided, the ongoing care and maintenance of the system and equipment become the Customer's responsibility. Garcia Water Care will not be accountable for any issues that may occur thereafter, such as leaks or other damages.

4. If Something Goes Wrong: If something goes wrong because of the system or equipment after the Services, Garcia Water Care isn't responsible for fixing it or paying for any damages.

5. Laws That Apply: This agreement follows the laws of the state of Texas. If there's a disagreement about this agreement, it will be settled in the state or federal courts in the state of Texas.

6. The Whole Agreement: This document is the whole agreement between Garcia Water Care and the Customer about the Services. It replaces any earlier agreements or understandings.


Garcia Water Care of El Paso LLC

, Water Service Tech

Attachment: Description of Services


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