Water Filtration system with custom Regeneration cycles

Upgrade your home’s water supply with the Puronics Terminator iGen C whole-house water filter and softener combo system. Designed to cost-effectively reduce harmful substances and objectionable tastes and odors in your water supply, the system ensures clean, safe, and refreshing water throughout your home. Featuring ChloroShield Clearess media and Chlorostatic technology, enjoy soft and silky skin and hair, better-tasting food, and healthier pets. The system is durable and efficient, with a patented iGen computerized control valve, downflow brining system, and stainless steel tank. Tested and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA), upgrade your home’s water supply today with the Terminator iGen C system.

Terminator high performance water filtration system
Micromax 7000 reverse osmosis system

Reverse OSmosis system

When you get a whole home water filtration system from us, you will also get the Micromax 7000, a reverse osmosis system that will give you access to purified water that is better than bottled water right from the kitchen sink. With this system, people get the option of upgrading the unit to produce Alkaline water with the Pur-Alkaline filter.

lifetime warranty blue grunge seal isolated on white


Puronics is a company that has been selling water filtration products since 1947; they have a history of standing behind the products they offer. After every purchase, we will give a certificate to our customers to certify and ensure that a lifetime warranty covers their water filtration unit. With that certificate, our customers can rest easy knowing that they will always have access to clean water.

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When you purchase a water filtration system, it will need to get maintained from time to time and as authorized Puronics resellers, we will be there to help you. We commit to support owners of any Puronics water filtration system that we sell and have ever sold.


When you get a system from us, you will have access to pure filtered water that you can trust. How safe is your soap? To be able to offer a complete solution, we teamed up with Pure and Gentle Soaps to provide our customers access to cleaning products and personal hygiene they can trust.

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How The TERMINATOR works

Descriptive image of how the terminator works.

IGEN Digital control in charge

Custom control valve allows users to choose between 3 regeneration cycles giving full control to users on how the water filtration system operates.

FOUR Filtration Layers

Four filtration layers of high performing media filter your water leaving it soft, pure and free from the smell of chlorine.

EPA Certified Water Systems 

System Contains EPA registered Bacteriostatic HYgene®

WQA Seal Certified water filtration system seal


WQA tested and certified according to NSF/ANSI 44 for reduction of hardness minerals and NSF/ANSI 372 for low lead compliance