PUR-Alkaline Out with the bad, In with the good.

With the Pur-Alkaline filter, your water will be supercharged with minerals that get removed during the Reverse Osmosis filtration process. Add this filter to your drinking water system and enjoy great-tasting, healthy water today! 

Make your water alkaline with this filter


Micromax 7000 reverse osmosis system

Recharge your water with necessary minerals

When your water passes through a Reverse Osmosis filter, up to 99% of all substances are removed from the water- this includes healthy minerals. Your resulting water measures at a flat pH of 7, which is lower than the natural pH that our body contains. PUR-ALKALINE re-introduces those healthy minerals, raising the pH above 8 and allowing for more effective absorption of water into the human body.

Woman drinking bottle of water.

Alkaline water improves absorption by up to 50%!

Studies conducted on healthy adults that were placed in a state of dehydration showed that alkaline water is absorbed faster than acidic or neutral pH water, those participants also showed a faster recovery. 

Strong man drinking alkaline water


Athletes in locker rooms all over the globe are talking about the advantage of the benefits of alkaline water. Alkaline water helps reduce metabolic acids which can cause muscle fatigue, muscle weakness and hinder continuous exertion. Alkaline water is absorbed by the body more quickly which improves hydration and performance.