A Home Water Filtration System Designed for Well Water

The Puronics® FILTRAMAX™ iGen® five-stage water filtration system has technology within it similar to the one used on NASA’s Space Shuttle Orbiters and can clean water sources with higher concentrations of silt and other dissolved solids. On the head of our water filtration system, you will find an intelligent digital valve that ensures your water is of the ultimate quality, it also sets the regeneration cycles and notifies owners when maintenance is needed. 

Filtramax high performance water filtration system


lifetime warranty blue grunge seal isolated on white


Puronics is a company that has been selling water filtration products since 1947; they have a history of standing behind the products they offer. After every purchase, we will give a certificate to our customers to certify and ensure that a lifetime warranty covers their water filtration unit. With that certificate, our customers can rest easy knowing that they will always have access to clean water.


When you purchase a water filtration system from us, it will need to get maintained from time to time and as authorized Puronics resellers, we will be there to help you. We commit to support owners of any Puronics water filtration system that we sell and have ever sold.

How The FILTRAMAX works

How the Filtramax works

IGEN® Digital control in charge

The IGEN® control valve will set the schedule of your regeneration cycles at the most inconspicuous time of day.

Microsilver Technology

Microsilver is protecting this system from bacterial growth that will accumulate in the media if it's not treated and reaches its maximum absorption potential.

Five Filtration Layers

An extra layer of filtration allows it to clean the dirtiest of water sources. This unit is ideal for well water and water sources with a high amount of dissolved solids.

EPA Certified Water Systems 

System Contains EPA registered Bacteriostatic HYgene®

WQA Seal Certified water filtration system seal

WQA tested and certified according to NSF/ANSI 44 for reduction of hardness minerals and NSF/ANSI 372 for low lead compliance