Garcia Water Care is a Puronics authorized dealer ship that offer maintenance and service of all reverse osmosis and water softeners.

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Upfront Prices on Puronics water filtration systems

Have your tried calling around to get prices on water softeners, but everyone seems eager to come and “test” your water first? Tired of pushy salespeople knocking on your door and bugging you more than those annoying auto warranty calls?

Skip the headache and let us help you out. At Garcia Water Care, we do not require a water test to share our prices. We believe that being upfront with customers is the best bet, especially when providing great prices and reliable service.

As a Puronics dealer, we do not publicly post our prices online; however, you can obtain a copy of our Price Catalog via email. You will find the equipment pricing and a variety of videos on maintenance details, installation information, and more.

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Would you like to know how much a Puronics whole-home water treatment system would cost? Would you like to learn about the installation process?  Just enter the information below and receive an email with access to the Price Catalog.

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Your search for a Puronics water softener in El Paso is over. We have been helping people soften and filter their water to improve their quality of life since 2018.

We are different from other companies because we don’t have salespeople. We have a team of water specialists ready to install, repair, and maintain any water softener and specialize in servicing Puronics water systems.


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