Hello neighbor, how is your water?

We want to offer our help with your water needs
Let us help you love your water

We were just in your neighborhood knocking on doors, trying to talk to all your neighbors to introduce our company and find out what you think about your water.

We just finished a service call or did an installation with one of your neighbors.

We want to offer you our service if you own a water-softener/ filtration system or if you are interested in buying and installing one – we can help both.

Garcia water care use advanced water filters and softeners
We have some of the hardest water in the country

The truth about our water is that it’s hard and chlorinated, and it can be improved with a water softener or filtration system.

uS hardness map

The problem is that people are sometimes scared by door to door sales people and get tricked into buying an overpriced softener and are left with no support when help is needed, help will be needed.

Do you need help with a water softener or RO?

We service all model softener's or drinking systems

If you own a water filter but your water tastes funny or it is not as soft as before, or your softener needs maintenance, give us a call – we can help. 

We are offering in your area free field water tests and service calls ( normally $95). With a service call we will help diagnose and get your softener or filters working correctly again.

Need help improving your water?

We can help filter and soften the water in your home

Fall in love with your water by filtering and softening it. Get the best-installed prices from us on a Puronics water filtration system.

A water softener or filtration system is the best way to ensure you get top-notch water for your family.

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