Golds Gym 1 Year Event

Gold's Gym

1 Year Event

If you live in Far East El Paso and want to learn more about water filtration and softening systems and would like to try alkaline water, we will be at the Golds Gym on Tierra Este on Saturday, July 13 from 10am-2pm. Stop by and say hi, we will also have a special promo you can use or giveaway to get a water filtration system of your own. 


ReCover Quicker After Exercise

Power up after you work out with certified alkaline water. Alkaline water is absorbed quicker than conventional filtered water. 

Keep Your Body in balance

Alkaline water helps your body stay balanced after a workout. It help flush out lactic acid and helps your blood and tissues become more alkaline

Pre Hydrate with Alkaline Water

One hour before your workout drinking high pH water will prevent your body from becoming acidic during your work out will allow you to perform better.

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