Custom features, custom water system

This Everest Home shows off its 2,225 square feet of beauty and elegance with copper roofing, stamped concrete, luxury porcelain and ceramic tile, custom tile work, upgraded plumbing fixtures and so much more!  To protect the home and its appliances, the builder included a PURONICS Hydronex C whole-home water treatment system.

Your forever home deserves a forever water treatment system.


2 Million GALLONS


The Puronics Hydronex C is the whole-home water filtration system the owner of this property selected. The water treatment system comes with a 2-Million Gallon Guarantee that provides 20 years of maintenance-free water production, making it the ideal and easy choice for this home owner.  The Chlorostatic Carbon technology inside the Hydronex C provides medical-grade filtration capabilities, providing refreshingly soft, Chlorine-free showers. The high water throughput of the water system allows it to handle the 3 restrooms in the home simultaneously with minimal water pressure loss. The entire family can enjoy their morning showers with endless hot water provided by the tankless water heater, which relies heavily on the water softener to prevent calcium build-up and malfunctions.  The custom plumbing fixtures, beautiful countertops, and high efficiency appliances are all protected by the Hydronex C Water Treatment system.

Custom RO SET Up

The owner of this home requested to setup a Puronics Micromax 7000 RO water drinking system at their kitchen sink. This reverse osmosis unit can produce over 35 gallons a day of water filtered under 50 ppm TDS, which is denoted by the EPA as ideal drinking water. The family will enjoy the amazing taste of clean, filtered water while also protecting the Earth by minimizing their carbon footprint by drastically minimizing plastic bottled water usage.

Saves you ⏰ & 💵

No FILTER CHANGE needed for 20 years

Made in the 🇺🇸

manufcatured in Livermore, CA

Certified Filtration

2 Million gallon Guarantee, WQA Certified

Lifetime Guarantee

From a company in business since 1947

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