Thank You Fire Station 6 🙏🏽

The Garcia Water Care Family thanks our frontline hero’s 👩🏼‍🚒

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No More Filling Up Water Jugs for Drinking Water 👍🏼

You have better things to do with your time than going to the WaterMill to get drinking water. The Garcia Water Care team is giving you a drinking system to help give you all the water your station needs. You will get a commercial water Cooler/Heater it’s upgraded with an Alkaline treatment system that delivers the energy-boosting effects of high alkalinity water.

Better than Bottled: Hot and Cold Water

Your station’s new hot and cold water cooler will produce all the water you need without running out. This water filtration system will give you better than bottled water. The unit removes everything from the water and then recharges it with minerals. It boosts the pH of water, making it less acidic than regular bottled water. When you drink this water, it will quickly get absorbed and help you rehydrate.

Special Offer for the Firefighters at Station #6

We are offering the entire station either a $200 GIFT CERTIFICATE that can be used on any of our Reverse Osmosis drinking systems or $500 GIFT CERTIFICATE on a whole-home water treatment system.  Register to receive your Gift Vouchers.


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