Best Dressed Pet 2021

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Last Years Winner

Last year Delilah and her family won a whole home water softener by entering our Best Dressed Pet Contest at the El Paso Civic center at the El Paso Home Spring Show and Pet Expo. This year because of Covid – events like that one are canceled. Many people and nonprofits used these events to help generate funding to help pets in El Paso.

We want to help out our community, so we will be having a virtual Best Dressed Pet Contest for people in El Paso. You can win one of your own by entering our contest virtually. On the final day, we will accept online entries; we will have an event at Dogs on the Run Boutique and Barkery. On the final day, people will be able to sign up in person by pre-registering on this page, and they will also be able to register to see pups available to foster from a local nonprofit.

We will also have a special raffle to help a nonprofit find foster parents for El Paso pets. More details will be available in the days to come. Sign up to get notified when we update this page with the contest details.

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