Reverse Osmosis Systems are a Better Option than Buying Bottled Water

Many households are ditching bottled water for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Drinking systems. The need for clean, drinking water will always be there. But if you are tired of making runs to the store or water station, spending extra time and money, hauling around hundreds of pounds of water a month…to only have to do it time and time again, then it might be time to make the switch. Looking for a few concrete reasons on why you should switch now? Here are five reasons why having an RO drinking system is a wise decision over buying bottled water:

Woman Pouring Fresh Reverse Osmosis Purified Water Into Glass in Kitchen.

5. It's way easier to drink from your faucet!

Make your life easier! Weighing about 8.36 lbs per gallon, that 5-gallon water container is not the easiest to lug around. And that 40-pack of bottled waters that you get at your local grocery store is going to give you a great workout with 45 lbs to deal with- hopefully, your back is in good shape. But if you are tired of wasting time and effort on a never-ending routine, you deserve an easier alternative. With a Reverse Osmosis System, you can enjoy high-quality water accessible from your very own sink- providing a minimum of 35 gallons of water a day! Want to improve your ice quality? We can hook up the RO straight to your fridge, providing great tasting ice and water! 

4. RO Water is Better Quality

Water quality can vary because of the source or ethics of the bottler. Some companies cut corners to save money and will use inferior manufacturing products in their plastics that contain BPAs. Sometimes companies misrepresent the water they sell, and the water you are putting your trust in will go from one tap to the bottle. You can have consistent filtered water from home with a reverse osmosis system, better yet one that is WQA certified. With it, you don’t have to worry about buying contaminated water. 

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What is Alkaline water

3. You can get alkaline water from your RO

Many major brands sell bottled water that consists of acidic pH (>7 pH).  Why does that matter? Our modern diets make us acidic and, if you are an active person, you will become very acidic. Some informed people buy specialized bottled Alkaline water to balance their bodies pH and rehydrate.  

2. Save lots of money!

Save lots of money! They say time is money, so what is your time worth? Take your time back from having to make those not-so-fun water runs.  The actual monetary saving is significant, too. On average, a gallon of water costs $1.22, whereas an RO drinking system will cost you $0.20 per gallon.  Based on recommended daily water intake, a consumer will be spending over $220 yearly on bottled water- over $890 annually for a family of 4! In contrast, an RO Water Drinking system will normally cost below $0.20 per gallon- that is less than $0.03 per 16.9 oz (standard bottle water size).  Now those are savings you will notice in your wallet.  

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1. Bottled water hurts the Planet

Plastic bottles take about 400 years to naturally decompose. If the first Pilgrims had used bottled water plastic for the first Thanksgiving in 1621, that plastic would still be decomposing today! RO Water Drinking Systems do not produce much waste at all. All contaminants in the water are safely exited through your sink drain and out of your home. Did you know that America’s demand for bottled water requires more than 17 million barrels of oil PER YEAR? That is enough to fuel over 1 million cars for a year! Also, out of the 50+ billion plastic water bottles used yearly, only 23% of plastic is recycled, leaving 38 billion water bottles to be collected in our oceans, landfills and various dumps to accumulate. Studies show over 8 million tons of plastic waste ended up in the ocean in 2010, hurting and killing a great deal of marine life all over the world. Every year the amount of plastic water bottles purchased continues to increase.

There you have it- our 5 TOP reasons for ditching bottled water and choosing RO water.  Save yourself time and money and do something good for this planet.  Make the easy choice, the feel-good choice, and quite simply the right choice- invest in your own Reverse Osmosis Drinking system today (put a link there).